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GorillatapStudio is a New York City-based technology consulting firm. We can help you transform your original business idea into a finished, scalable product in a matter of weeks. Our skilled engineers and designers can create beautiful designs using an efficient, well-tested, secure code base, cutting-edge technology, and a fast development workflow.

Our team has worked with clients to develop products in a variety of fields including e-commerce, travel, food service, media, news and education. We have successfully launched apps for many of our clients and enjoyed seeing their new business take off!

Thanks to our stable code base and experienced team, we can work with you to develop your idea and launch a fully functional iOS app in 2-4 weeks. We recognize the leap to developing a mobile app is a big one and we can help you by creating a development schedule that balances your time and cost requirements.

Most importantly, if you have a business idea, we will create the app for you. Based on best practices recommended by our developers, you can achieve your business goals. Let's make great products, change the world, and be successful together!

* Note that we build native iOS app using official iOS SDK from Apple, NOT html or javascript based apps built from 3rd party libraries.

UI & UX Design

We bring together the native iOS design language and your brand visuals to project a unique and user-friendly design that promotes your products and services.

Backend and Frontend Architecture

Our engineers architect a stable, fast, and secure server backend to serve your data needs, while also building the best quality native iOS/Android apps that will exceed your expectations. 

App Sale and Marketing

We have a fully developed workflow to create, upload, and sell your app at App Store. We help you promote apps, understand user engagement, retention rate, and the sales numbers. 


Feature List

We fully utilize the mobile platform and build apps that surpass the web-only experience

Mobile First Strategy

  • By fully embracing the power of the mobile hardware available today, we implement state-of-the-art applications with Apple Pay, TouchID, Force Touch, local cache, multitouch gestures, fluid animations, push notifications, deeplinks, etc.
  • A webpage can bring in traffic, but a mobile app sets the bar for the best user experience.

Business Growth

  • Increase user engagement with carefully chosen and designed social features which help you create a network of customers who can be kept up to date with in-app messages and easy-to-use instantaneous call, text, and locate functions.
  • Customizable push notification, delivery service, in-app communication, and PCG delivery

Fully-featured e-Commerce

  • User-facing features such as orders, payments, in-app messages, location services, maps can be integrated into the app design as needed.
  • Robust order, inventory, sales, and invoice management systems can be integrated directly into the app.
  • Referral, coupon, and point system are also available.

Modern Minimalism Interface

  • Simple and clean navigation with customizable branding color and logos.
  • Fast and full featured product posting.

Integrated Admin Page

  • Secure administrator privileges and management are available in-app, to allow administrators to manage users, order systems, accounting, etc.

So much more

  • In-app KPI tracking; fully customizable seller preference; international localization; loading screen animation; tutorial page; social single sign on; user profile; etc


Our team includes some of the best talents of NYC. We are a local team that is easy to contact and we will work with you over the longterm to maintain the apps that we build with you. Our goal is to help you focus on your business and let us take care of the technical side. Let's grow our businesses together!

  • 2010

    The Humble Beginning

    Founder David Shen launches GorillatapStudio

  • 2011 - 2015

    Growing Team

    Talented engineers join our team from top media, finance and technology companies.

  • July 2015

    Phase One: Transition to Full Service Mobile App Solution

    Release our first, full-service Android app after a great client collaboration.

  • May 2017

    Phase Two: Expansion

    Our full-time team can implement a range of beautiful designs using our mature code base and leading technologies in just a few short weeks. We have developed and released mobile apps for many clients and are actively looking for new partnerships.

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Team leads

Ivy Cheng

VP of Marketing and Growth

David Shen

VP of Engineers

Alexandra Cheng

VP of Product


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